Pricing & Packages


LengthManagement ComissionInitiation Cost *Property-Usage Days **
6 Months22%AED 2,5002 Weeks
7 Months21%AED 2,5002.5 Weeks
8 Months20%AED 2,5003 Weeks
9 Months19%AED 2,5003.5 Weeks
10 Months18%AED 2,5004 Weeks
11 Months17%AED 2,5004.5 Weeks
1 Year (Recommended)16%AED 2,5005 Weeks

* This fee covers the inspection, initial deep clean, photography for the listing(s), DTCM permit application fee, and initial essentials costs such as trash bags, etc. This fee for Villas could be Higher.

** Usage days are contingent upon approval. Advance notice of at least 90 days is required and peak season (i.e. December, January, etc.) usage will be capped.

Owner Earnings & Fees


Most companies in the industry don’t include the hefty fees such as VAT, Booking Platform/OTA fees, Tourism Dirham, Cleaning, etc. as a part of their commission. Many advertise having low commission, but after these fees the owner ends up giving up much more than the advertised management commission.

We do things differently. We markup prices (Average Daily Rate) to account for the aforementioned fees, so that they don’t come out of the owners cut.

Owner Earnings

Costs such as maintenance, and utilities will be deducted from the top-line/room revenue. If the property is unfurnished or is furnished and requires some changes, those costs will fall on the owner – we help with furnishing (See FAQ 9). Please see the example below.

2 Bedroom Apartment Owner Annnual Earning Breakdown - Example
Top-Line/Room RevenueAED 264,000
Management ComissionAED 42,240
UtilitiesAED 8,000
MaintenanceAED 2,000
Amount Owner ReceivesAED 211,760
Rent From Regular Year TenancyAED 160,000
% More Than Regular Year Tenancy32%

Management Agreement/Contract

Please contact us and we’ll share the more detailed management agreement/contract with you.

Referral Bonus

For every customer/owner brought in (who starts a contract with us) we’ll reduce our management fee by 2% (From 16% to 14%) for your next month – regardless of peak/off-peak (no contingencies).

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