Why StayBetter – Short Term Rentals

Why StayBetter?

With us you will sit back and earn up to 40% more compared to a regular 12-month long tenancy. We go above and beyond by being completely transparent (i.e. by keeping you updated on performance), by allowing property use, by indulging in strategic marketing and pricing to maximize your return, by taking an industry-low commission, and by doing much more. We quite literally make it possible for you to do less (practically nothing) and earn a lot more.

Starting Process At A High-Level

Why Short Term Rentals

Short term letting brings in much higher returns due to the ability to charge guests premiums for shorter stays. Owners can pocket huge amounts like 70% more than they would from a 12 month long tenancy (up to 40% more on average - expected to grow annually due to Dubai's tourism initiatives). Short term letting is also flexible and gives an owner the option to use their property unlike with conventional leasing.

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