Global Consulting Service

Global Consulting Service

Since we are only offering our property management services in Dubai right now, we want to cater to global demand in the best way we can right now through our hand-holding consulting service.

For Who? This service is ideal for those who want to manage their property or properties as short term rentals, but lack the expertise and time that is required to get the property or properties successfully running as short term rentals in a timely manner.

Where? In any global market where short term renting is possible.

What, How and How Much? Our team will guide you through every step remotely until your property is operational as a short term rental. Our team has developed proprietary strategies (i.e. platform, pricing, listing, marketing, furnishing, etc.), models, performance reporting, and more that allow us to run successfully and keep our clients satisfied. Our team would customize the aforementioned strategies, models, reporting, and more for you depending on your market and property so that like our clients in Dubai you too can benefit no matter where you are.

We will put everything together for you, and get you to the point where you are ready to launch your property and can utilize our teachings and tools comfortably to successfully manage your property.

Package 1: Everything mentioned above - the service will end once the property becomes operational.

Price: One-time cost of $1,750 per property (a fraction of how much you’d make going forward)

Package 2: Everything mentioned above, but the service will end three months after the property becomes operational. In the three months after your property is operational we will help you with starting pains, tweaking strategies, utilizing reporting, and more.

Price: One-time cost of $2,750 per property (a fraction of how much you’d make going forward)

How Long? With our guidance and depending on your market and property it shouldn’t take more than a few weeks to a month to get your property operational (start to finish).

Process: If you are interested please contact us. We will then setup a call with you where we’ll answer questions, get an understanding of your market/property, provide more detail, and talk through next steps in-case you are interested.

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