Below are some common questions and their answers. Please contact us if you have any questions that are not mentioned here. We are also more than happy to elaborate on any of the below answers.

Airbnb will be the main platform we use. However, we will also use other platforms occasionally such as Booking.com, Property Finder (Potentially), VRBO (Potentially), and our website-direct. We may list on other platforms too if we feel that it will help us maximize earnings.

Guests will only be required to pay a security deposit (35% of the booking value) if the guest(s) have booked directly with us. We will not require a security deposit for bookings that come through the other platforms we use like Airbnb, since they provide extensive insurance coverage.

We don’t require but recommend third party insurance. We can provide options for third party insurance, it is quite cheap and easy to get (i.e. AED 900).

Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

We do this for you, and it takes no more than a few business days.

Platforms we use like Airbnb cover damages. If a booking has come in through our direct channel and a guest damages the property we will take it out of the security deposit we will require of guests who come in through this channel. If the damages amount to more than the security deposit you would send an invoice to your third party insurance – this is why we recommend it.

November – April (especially December and January). Majority of the annual revenue is made in this time frame.

If the property isn’t furnished we will manage the furnishing within an affordable budget (one time cost, would not be yearly if owner does business with us for more than a year). Renting furniture and paying for it monthly is an option too, however we recommend paying for it at once (the renting option can be discussed further upon inquiry if interested). The owner is responsible for the furnishing cost, however, we will not charge an additional fee for the furnishing management unlike other property management companies. If the property is furnished we will inspect the property and add whatever needs to be added.

We Manage Apartments & Villas.

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