More About Us

Reason for Starting

There is tremendous opportunity in short term letting globally, especially in Dubai. Dubai is one of the best markets for short term letting due to the drastic increase in tourism over the years and because this trend is expected to continue due to the tourism initiatives the city is working on and enforcing. We want to indulge in the opportunity and make money for our hard work, help owners receive significantly better returns (compared to typical yearlong leases), and help Dubai continue to achieve its tourism goals by providing guests with great stays.

The Founder

Taimur Khan is originally from Lahore, Pakistan. He grew up in Lahore, Pakistan as a part of a big business family that has established a great foothold in various industries such as beverages, real-estate, commodities, and more. Taimur left Pakistan after High School to study Finance, Strategy, and Psychology at Boston University. He graduated with a BSBA (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Management) degree with honors in 2019.

After graduating, Taimur worked for several years at fortune 500 companies (i.e. Wayfair and Booz Allen Hamilton) where he got tremendous exposure through essential and applicable functions such as consulting, analytics, people management, project management, technical product management, and more. Given Taimur's family's success in real-estate he has always acknowledged the potential of the industry, and has had a keen eye on short term letting. Working in the US Taimur saw an opportunity to manage friends’ and family’s property as short term rentals which led to unprecedented returns and scaling. Taimur's holistic educational and work experience with short term letting, family interest and success in real estate, general passion for real estate especially short term letting, and knowledge of unprecedented short term letting potential in Dubai led to the culmination of StayBetterDXB where he hopes to help owners maximize returns through providing quality stays for guests.


Right now we are a relatively small team but are growing. In addition to our founder being extremely involved, we have employees designated to all major functions such as guest and property owner communications, analytics, furnishing, and marketing.

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